Hey, you recently messaged me asking to correctly source your work i shared on my blog nintendo-stuff. But when i asked you how, you actually never responded :D So please tell me what to do, i really want to source the post the way you want me to or remove it completely if you insist so.


Hi there Anon! Hope you’re doing well!

I don’t recall this? Especially if it happened recently … you sure you haven’t mistaken me for another artist? :( I even checked my messages here and don’t find anything about it…
Which blog are you taking about? 

hi!! first i wanna say that i absolutely LOVE your art, honestly you're a new role model for me!! i wanted to ask you a couple things, the first being how long have you been drawing?? and the second thing i wanted to ask you is when you play fe:a do you ever change your class, and if so, to what?? i always change mine to an assassin just because they look so badass aha..


Omigosh, thank you for such wonderful and kind words! Makes me so happy ;3;b

Sure, I don’t mind answering them!

1. I have been drawing for over 18 years..! There is probably more years attached to it but actively it is 18 years :)

2.Oh, I guess you mean the avatar? On my first play I kept her as a Tactician but now on my second run I decided to make my unit(decided to base her on…me!) to a mercenary/Hero type! 


Sabin from Final fantasy VI for an art trade with Kichisu. My friends sure love their martial artist guys… XD

Updates here will be fewer here the coming weeks due to me going to Morocco for vacation. Please check out my Twitter for updates during the trip!

Thank you Yossra<3!! Love that you decided to take on more on Amano’s design for him! Lovely choice of colours and your line work is simply amazing. I can’t get enough of his expression too<3 You’re simply the best, Yossra! 

I hope you’ll enjoy my part of the trade<3